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Do Pet Friendly Properties Attract More Tenants?

If you have been looking for ways to attract and retain more tenants, then read on.  Since over 70 % of all renters are pet owners, creating a pet friendly property can really pay off.  As your premier agent for apartment buildings for sale in the Lower Mainland, here are a few ways to create a pet friendly multifamily building that will attract more tenants.

Revamp the Common Areas

If you are looking to attract dog and cat lovers, take the time to revamp the common areas, so that they are as pet friendly as your policy.  By preparing your common areas for pets, you will reduce the maintenance costs associated with accidents and will be greatly appreciated by your tenants.  Great ideas to make your common areas more pet friendly include:

  • Change the carpets to hardwood or concrete floors. This will reduce the wear and tear on the floor and make any accidents easier to clean up.
  • Remove any breakable items or items that may be damaged by pets.

Create a Dog Park

If you have unused space on your multifamily property, an outdoor off leash dog park is an excellent way to attract and keep tenants.  Fence in a portion of space to allow dog owners a convenient place to let their dogs run free.

Install Waste Stations

By installing waste receptacles and bag dispensers around your multifamily property, you will make it far easier for pet lovers to clean up after their dogs.  The added convenience will be appreciated by both pet and non-pet owners alike.

Review your Pet Policy

Before wholly committing to a pet friendly property, it is a good idea to review and tweak your pet policy.  It is best to fully outline your pet policy and how you screen for pets.  Be clear on what types of pets you will and will not allow as well as the process that a tenant will have to undergo, if they choose to acquire a pet after they move in.

As property manager, you will also have to outline how you will handle any behavioural issues such as complaints about a barking dog or a dog with aggressive tendencies.

Pay Attention to Details

Small details can go a long way.  Kind gestures such as putting a water bowl in the common areas, especially in the summer months will not go unnoticed.  A bowl of dog/cat treats at the front desk is another great way to keep your tenants and their pets happy.

Adopting a pet friendly policy can be a great way to attract and keep tenants.  If you feel a pet friendly approach is for you, then make sure to go all in and see how quickly your building fills up with happy pets and pet owners.  If you are interested in other tips on how to make your building pet friendly or would like to see the exciting multifamily properties that abound in the Lower Mainland, please contact me today.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.