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Looking to Buy an Apartment Building?

Multifamily Real Estate Services is Here to Help

There’s more to successfully investing in multifamily properties than getting the best deal. In British Columbia, especially, it’s crucial to have the right resources and assistance at your side. Multifamily Real Estate Services, led by owner Seth Baker, is here to help.

Objective Comparisons and Professional Opinions

When investing in apartment buildings in BC, simply hiring a broker won’t do. Instead, you need to take the time to find one that is objective regarding the information that they provide. Their opinions should be based on concrete facts and experiences.

With almost 10 years of experience with multifamily buildings across British Columbia, Seth Baker of Multifamily Real Estate Services is uniquely qualified to provide you with the objective comparisons and unbiased, fact-driven opinions that you need to invest wisely. Seth has experience in brokering deals across all regions of the province, including:

  • Metro Vancouver
  • Fraser Valley
  • Okanagan
  • Kootenays
  • Vancouver Island
  • Northern BC

Thanks to his in-depth experience in the industry, Seth Baker helps clients to arrive at well-founded conclusions that are based on cold, hard facts. When you hire him as a solo agent for your multifamily investment, you gain a powerful ally.

Professional Negotiations Performed with Your Best Interests in Mind

When you hire Multifamily Real Estate Services for your multifamily investment needs, we work exclusively on your behalf to ensure the right outcome based on your best interests. As your exclusive broker, we take on special legal duties that place your interests above everything else – even our own. These include:

  • Conflicts of Interest – As your buyer’s agent, we will actively avoid any situation that could affect our ability to adhere to our legal duties to you.
  • Full Disclosure – When you hire Multifamily Real Estate Services, we will provide you with any and all facts that may affect your transaction. We will fully disclose any relevant information to you as it emerges.
  • Confidentiality – As your solo broker, we will never disclose any of your private information, including your motivations for pursuing any particular transaction. You can count on us for complete confidentiality.

Fewer Commissions = More Profits

As a niche British Columbia commercial brokerage firm, Multifamily Real Estate Services focuses exclusively on multifamily real estate. This positions us to perform as cost leaders in the industry, which means that we can charge fewer commission fees.

How do we do that? Most major commercial brokerages charge agents a “split” of between 30 to 50 percent of commission fees. As a result, many employ multiple agents for each transaction, diluting commissions and driving up prices. With Multifamily Real Estate Services, you work only with a single, dedicated agent – Seth Baker – and therefore pay fewer fees while enjoying better value.

Our Services

Preliminary Property Research

Hit the ground running before writing an offer with preliminary property research by Multifamily Real Estate Services. This research produces relevant and useful information at lightning speed, allowing you to snag better deals faster.

Investment Analysis

Buy an apartment building with your eyes wide open through accessible, easy-to-understand investment analysis services by Multifamily Real Estate Services. Gain useful insights into the following and more:

  • commercial real estate cap rate calculations
  • apartment building financial statements
  • rental income and building expenses projections
  • building maintenance and repairs insights via connections with qualified contractors

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of local multifamily building inventory, our firm can help you to easily compare the interior condition of your subject building to those of other local properties. These and other insights let you more easily determine what constitutes a good deal in the current local market.

What’s more is that when you hire Multifamily Real Estate Services as your dedicated buyer’s agent, you gain free, unlimited access to our proprietary database of multifamily properties across British Columbia. It includes the history of every building that’s been sold in the province along with proprietary data that lets you see how the current market relates to your deal. Provided in an easy-to-understand format, the data can be manipulated and reorganized as needed to provide you with the specific insights that you require.

Market Trends and Rental Activities

Multifamily Real Estate Services relies on verified third-party reports to provide you with a variety of useful insights. For example, you can gauge current market trends across metrics such as:

  • vacancy rates
  • tenant demographics
  • interest rates
  • population changes
  • employment statistics
  • occupancy rates
  • economic indicators

These reports also provide crucial local insights, including:

  • Impending rental developments, including recent, current and planned
  • Available nearby rental inventory, including complete unit counts for nearby apartment buildings
  • Dynamics of local supply and demand
  • Rental rates, including low-, moderate- and high-sensitivity analysis
  • Reputation and agility of municipal planning departments
  • Local economic activities that may help or harm investments

Property Histories

Seth Baker of Multifamily Real Estate Services also performs in-depth property history analyses to more effectively inform clients’ investment activities. The ensuing information answers crucial questions, including:

  • Which buildings are on the market for the first time?
  • Which were listed previously, and why didn’t they sell?
  • Which tenants are in the building, and what are their reputations like?
  • Who has owned the building? Did they neglect it or care for it properly?
  • Are there any hidden issues that the seller or listing agent wants to hide?

The multifamily real estate database that you gain access to as our client provides you with detailed histories of all listings in British Columbia. Seth Baker’s connections with landlords and property managers across the province provide even greater insights into properties and their related histories.

Due Diligence

After an offer is accepted, due diligence – the prudent evaluation of the associated risks of a transaction – should be performed. As the investor, it is your duty to gather the necessary information regarding actual or potential risks of any given investment. It is both parties’ duty to confirm each other’s expectations and understandings; they must also independently verify each other’s ability to fulfill the conditions and requirements of the agreement.

We will provide you with third-party reports that cover all aspects of due diligence, including:

  • financial statement analysis
  • rental rate comparison
  • zoning, land use and OCP or NCP
  • highest and best use
  • current rents versus potential rents
  • financial modelling for building improvements or value-add
  • financial modelling for developmental potential
  • ”as-if built” or “as-if renovated” market valuations

You will also gain insights from a variety of professionals, including:

  • qualified commercial building inspectors
  • consultants, including engineers; appraisers; architects; and surveyors
  • lenders and mortgage brokers

The following will also be considered to ensure optimal risk mitigation:

  • title searches
  • survey reviews
  • insurance reviews
  • environmental issues
  • riparian issues
  • geotech issues

Property Management

Additionally, Multifamily Real Estate Services will connect you with reputable property management companies in your desired market area. As a licensed property management company, we understand the intricacies of locating the right assistance. To maintain our focus, however, we do not provide such services ourselves.

Buy an Apartment Building with Multifamily Real Estate Services

When it comes to successful investing in multifamily properties in British Columbia, it helps to have the right assistance. With dedicated representation, elite service, superior market information, quality expertise and the lowest fees, Multifamily Real Estate Services is the name to trust.

Get started this instant by emailing Seth Baker at [email protected] or by calling him at (778) 235-9293.


Paul B. Prince George

Seth is the best real estate agent I’ve worked with. He always returned my calls immediately. I always knew what was going with my listing. He found the buyers we wanted and got our building sold.

Dr. Henry T. Prince George

Seth was able to get [my property] listed and sold quickly. He was able to sell [my property] in less than three weeks with quick completion. He responded quickly, efficiently and pleasantly to all my communication. He is reliable and accessible.

Dr. A. Butler Edmonton

I was struck by [Seth’s] integrity, availability and excellent advice. I never felt like he was just trying to make a sale. I would recommend his work without hesitation.

Laszlo S. Northern BC

I’ve worked with Seth for several years. He always has my best interest in mind. Seth consistently gives profitable advice that benefits my bottom line. He is an advisor and an ally.

Dave G. Vanderhoof

After working with Seth to sell my apartment building, I hired him again on my next deal. Top-notch!…

David L. Prince George

Seth always called me back, always kept me informed, always handled every problem that came up. And, I got the price I wanted. I’ve recommended him to family and friends.

Paul C. Maple Ridge

Seth was prepared and knowledgeable. The information he passed on to me was also well above the standard of other agents. Looking forward to closing my first deal with him.


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