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The Quickest & Easiest Way to Discover the Apartment Building Market

Discover the quickest and easiest way to discover the apartment buildings market at-a-glance and in real time!  This market brief is designed for superhero investors on the go.

You’re busy!  Don’t waste time slogging through boring TPS reports.  Instead, check out this summary and visualization of today’s multifamily investment market in British Columbia.

Now, this report ain’t fancy…it’s the “quick and dirty.”  You get the straight facts without all the crap in between.  We start with a two-sentence snapshot of each of the major regions in the province.  Next we move on to some visuals of the data for a fast look at what’s going on.

As a result of quick and easy data at your fingertips, you can get back to your investments…and back to making some dough.  Ready?  Here we go…

Multifamily Market Snapshot

On November 16, 2017, there are 118 apartment buildings actively listed in the province of British Columbia.  The number of listings across the province remains steady this year.  Prices have come off their peak from earlier this year.  Here’s how the market shakes down by region:

BC average price per door is $321, 29.  Average cap rates are 4.45% and gross rent multiplier (GRM) stands at 24.02.

Vancouver has 35 buildings for sale totalling 712 apartment units.  Average list price per unit in Vancouver is $598,630.  Average cap rate is 2.52% and GRM is 36.85.

Metro Vancouver features 24 buildings for sale totalling of 655 units.  Average list price per door is $483,428 with average cap rates of 3.42% and GRM of 30.03.

Victoria has only 5 buildings totalling 73 units for sale.  Average list price per suite is $287,993.  Average Victoria cap rate is 3.48% and GRM is 24.70.

Fraser Valley has 9 buildings listed for sale totalling 295 units.  Average unit price is $272,669.  Fraser Valley cap rates average 3.85% and GRM averages 19.65.

Okanagan features 10 buildings up for sale with 354 units between them.  Average price per door is $138,395.  Cap rates average 4.50% and GRM averages 14.40.

Northern BC has 17 multifamily buildings for sale containing 530 units.  The average price per unit is $88,525 with asking cap rates averaging 6.34% and GRM averaging 10.75.

Vancouver Island (not including Greater Victoria) features 15 buildings for sale totalling 492 rental units for sale.  Average price per door is $112,095 with cap rate of 6.57% and GRM of 10.76.

Kootenays have 3 buildings for sale totalling 131 units.  Average price per door is $130,831.  Average cap rate is 6.49%.


Tired of reading all these words?  Here’s the fun visual format.  And, don’t forget to click/tap on the charts and watch stuff happen.


Apartment Buildings and Units For Sale


Average Price Per Unit


Average Cap Rate and GRM


Ok, you made it!  Painless…and perhaps even a bit fun.

Now that you’ve seen the entire apartment buildings market at-a-glance, maybe you’re sick of “averages.”  If you’re looking for above average multifamily deals, email [email protected] or call direct at (778) 235-9293.

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